What can ancient yoga texts tell us about failing?

"Rubbish at failing: why failing may not be what you think."DesignMakeDo logo

Presented at DesignMakeDo number 7.

The theme of the event was failure in the create process.

Here, I explore what failure and success in yoga means, from a common viewpoint as well as from the classical text the Yoga Sutras of Patanjal.

In particular, we look at how perceived failures can actually be failures but for the wrong reasons.

The five kleśa, the causes of human suffering, are explored for an explanation of the human response to failure. The solution to the problem proposed is kriya yoga, and it is questioned whether this has some correlation with the agile development process, albeit with very different purposes in mind.

Ultimately it seems that it's about being clear about goals and accepting these may change over time.

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