CMS for journalists rolled out across the Telegraph newsroom and discussed in Nieman Lab

After months of work and a phased rollout, the CMS for journalists, Telegraph Authoring, is now in use by almost all of the newsroom.

October 2014- Stakeholder consultations and story mapping

Posit notes in workshop on window overlooking stakeholders
We spent around three months running workshops with stakeholders and observing journalists at work to understand the current workflow, pain points and the desired workflow, from both practitioner and management perspectives.

January 2015 - Agile development begins
Jourmalist 'open days'

Stakeholder tryout and feedback sessions

Stakeholders were engaged in the design process through weekly meetings, at-desk design testing and 'open days' where everyone was invited to try out prototypes and early code to give feedback.

Nov 2015 - Rollout begins, desk by desk

First  desk launched on Authoring.

April 2016 Rollout complete to all desks
Time to create and publish an article before Authoring
Time to create and publish an article after Authoring